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new generation of nuclear power plants," he said of Obama's announcement on Tuesday. Support in Congress is growing and the Georgia plants are just the beginning, Kauffman said, n


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eign-based personnel companies which bring skilled workers to the United States. It is opposed by India. The bill was sent to Obama on Thursday after the Senate took a voice vote .

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ffles with police, on the Occupy Wall Street movement's two-month anniversary. The protest began after 7 a.m. eastern time as the crowd gathered around Zuccotti Park and marched t.

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found in neighboring Paraguay and immediately handed over to Brazilian authorities. His deportation was facilitated by the fact that Abdelmassih was living in Paraguay illegally. .

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ruption before. He was named as one of the main operators of the Mensalao, a vote-buying scheme during Lula's presidency. The case resulted in the former chief of staff being trie.

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February 2013. HAVANA, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned home after receiving medical treatment in Cuba, the Granma newspaper reported Friday. Chave.

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- and four by lethal injection. Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks during a news conference in Islamabad before leaving Pakistan December 4, 2008.? (Xinhua/Reu.

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v't faces post-quake challenges SANTIAGO, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Chile's President-elect Sebastian Pinera, who is to take office in nine days, faces broader challenges posed by the 8..

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nations. "We are no longer in the Cold War," a government spokeman said. "If media reports of spying on European nations by U.S. intelligence are confirmed, there must be consequen.

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t users of Yahoo's search engine have been most interested in for the year of 2010, the Internet company said on Wednesday. The disaster grabbed the No. 1 spot on Yahoo's newly-ann.

15year young -女人歌男人唱的什么歌

ich time Holmes will be required to enter his "plea." Authorities privately say they won't be surprised if Holmes enters a "Guilty by Insanity" plea, which negates the Death Penal.


01 when three issues garnered at least 15 percent in average mentions. Thus, 2014 joins 2013 and 2009 as years when multiple issues emerged as significant top-of-mind concerns fo

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a) -- The U.S. military in South Korea will use a ground-penetrating radar next week for tests of soil on Camp Carroll, the alleged burial site of the toxic defoliant Agent Orang

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economic opportunity, Flaherty said in a keynote address that closed the two-day conference of "Canada in the Pacific Century," held by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. F.

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re released into the Gulf of Mexico after 11 crew members were killed by the blast on the deep-sea rig. Though the undersea gusher was killed in September, the spill has caused tr.

15year young -女人歌男人唱的什么歌

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Lc transportation systems stopped running, including buses, the subway and even most taxis. "Getting to work was quite complicated," office worker Lucia Martin said. "I had to first.

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ning, and got 12 stitches in his lip, the White House said. Obama got the stitches after his basketball game in the morning with personal aide Reggie Love and members of his famil.

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resources, that it will be part of a broader effort to work on the complex issues that particularly this decade presents us," she said. Obama, who was once widely welcomed in his.

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er Edward Snowden, a former employee of U.S. intelligence agency CIA and a contractor to National Security Agency (NSA), who is now in exile. Related: Malaysia warns U.S., Australia

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ssed that it must take into account the overall, long-term needs of the entire global economy if that global economy is to prosper. MONTREAL, Canada, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) - Canadian P

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a 3-week-old infant after shooting her parents and uncle at a Southern California home. On Jan. 6, two people were killed, including an alleged shooter at a military medical center

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