g-production center capable of producing hundreds of tons of cocaine. Initially, rebels had demanded an international debate on freedom of information as a prerequisite for Langlo.

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the reports at this point." He also noted that the United States has dedicated significant time and resources to trying to rescue Sotloff and the administration has obviously been .

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data exchanges. OTTAWA, May 19 (Xinhua) - Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon welcomed a new UN draft resolution regarding sanctions on Iran, which permanent UN Security Coun.

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ereas the Acadian Ambulance's Facebook page said 13 were airlifted by helicopter, 23 by ambulance and 24 by bus, to local hospitals. Local hospitals have confirmed that 27 victims .

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he third measure would be to integrate Chile's 67 legal institutions concerned into a single one, and guarantee that the foundation of the new institution does not violate the An.

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rgentine city, where Ibero-American states are gathering for a summit. The global crisis forced developed countries to reduce aid to countries in the middle, Arriola said. The Domi .

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ity in 150 municipalities of nine Brazilian states during the runoff election. BRASILIA, May 31 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian Senate approved a bill on Tuesday authorizing the governm.

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ude protection of municipal infrastructure, private residences and essential access roads. About 500 soldiers along with 100 reservists were dispatched to the flood zone along Rich.

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tween 20 to 30 meters per day, some experts said that the rescue could be finished much earlier. However, experts said that once the drilling process was done, there were many othe.

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