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ds," she said, adding that her government is still seeking ways to appeal at the ICJ, based in The Hague, to avoid ceding control of the area to Managua. "We are awaiting the deci


d requested for understandable explanation and measures," Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Tai-young told a press briefing.? Full story Kerry admits some U.S. surveillance operations.


iately travel to Asuncion and resume work with more courage and enthusiasm, more joy and selflessness," Lugo said. The problem the president had was a sequelae of the chemotherapy.


to destroy records pertaining to non-restricted firearms. The repeal of the gun registry, which had forced all Canadian gun owners to register their weapons, has been a Conservati.


hers. OSAKA, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- A Hawaiian Airlines passenger plane mistakenly entered a runway at Kansai airport in western Japan Wednesday night, forcing a cargo jet due to lan.

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-- The newly-adopted U.S. healthcare reform plan was "an important victory and success" for the Barack Obama administration, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in an article .

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o give him a majority of seats in the 308-member House of Commons. Harper urged Canadians to end the seven years of political deadlock, which has resulted in three early elections.

r struggling European countries, Merkel pledged to shoulder "European responsibility" with the IMF as "we've seen how interdependent we are" through the global financial and econ.

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