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e kept on hold in the donating countries. Italy recently criticized the inefficient coordination in Haiti. What lacked was a real leadership on the ground, said the Italian govern


uently enter new market segments," state daily Granma said. Cuba has more than 445,000 "self-employed" workers, most of whom were in the field of services. They have an increasing.


47 percent oppose proposals to deny social services such as public schooling and emergency room care to illegal immigrants, while 45 percent support the proposals, the poll showe.


s budget gap, according to the local newspaper Houston Chronicle. The furloughs will save the city 5 million dollars and will apply only to civilian employees, the mayor said at a.


li peace is a cornerstone to regional stability," Nuland added. Hundreds of Egyptians stormed the Israeli Embassy in Cairo over the weekend, forcing the hasty evacuation of Israeli.

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se to the border, the foundering U. S. economy, and a get-tough policy in which Border Patrol agents refer nearly all illegal crossers for prosecution in federal court, according .

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on to local hospital, police said. There was no immediate information available about the circumstances leading up to the accident, or the genders and ages of the victims. Metra se.

reseeable future, terrorism remains the most direct threat to America at home and abroad. (Xinhua/Wang Lei) Join us with more photos>>> WEST POINT, the United States, May 28 (Xinhu.

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