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volunteer quake rescue team that travels across the world when a disaster strikes, flew immediately to Port-au-Prince once the quake struck Haiti last week. But the crisis is not

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l team Friday afternoon in upstate New York, just 50 miles away from the prison, after he was spotted by a law enforcement officer in the woods. It's been more than three weeks af

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ar had fallen over one dollar in just the past two weeks, and traders took Monday as an opportunity for some short covering. However, wheat could not totally recover from its Frid

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st hardest-hit cities during the quake. According to the National Office of Emergency, the number of affected still stood at 2 million. Most of the deaths were registered in the Ma

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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es in the western province of Al Anbar, last week, marking the first time that the militants have managed to take ground since American troops withdrew from Iraq in late 2011. The

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ad argued to have been victim of a forged whistleblower. The Italian Foreign Ministry of Italy has condemned the ruling of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and asked Lula to reco

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at fatherhood is about. They are being raised." Jamie Payne, whose father passed away four years ago will celebrate her father's memory with quiet time on Sunday. The TV producer,

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with different ministries involved in the rehabilitation works in that zone," Moreno said. Napo is one of the provinces hardest hit by floods in the rainy season. Some 1,200 famil

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York and detonate their remaining explosives, including a pressure cooker bomb and five pipe bombs, in Time Square. Their plan was foiled after they realized that the vehicle they

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nuclear program and the pace of sanctions relief. Iran has insisted on lifting all sanctions, including a UN embargo of conventional weapons. However, western powers are reluctant

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

international community. The UN Security Council on Tuesday also strongly condemned the nuclear test, saying the latest move by Pyongyang "is a grave violation" of relevant resol

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